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Elaine Ormund

I want to share something with you. This story is for women who have ever suffered from a yeast infection or are unlucky enough to be suffering from one as I write this. This past year, I had the worst yeast infection. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic and made sure to tell me to finish out the prescription, even if I was starting to feel better. What he didn’t tell me was that antibiotics can drastically increase your risk of contracting a yeast infection, and that is exactly what happened to me. And it was no ordinary yeast infection, either.

Boy, was I miserable. I could hardly leave bed. I had to take days off of work. Take time off for a yeast infection? You are probably thinking what a wimpy thing that was to do, but you weren’t the one feeling this pain and itching. Itching isn’t even the right kind of word—more like burning, searing, anguish between my legs!

Then, it would go away. After that, I kept getting yeast infection after yeast infection. Every time I thought I was rid of the thing, another one would pop up.

I tried everything. Every yeast infection treatment on the market was used over a period of time.  I tried that stuff they sell at the drug store, I tried the stuff the doctor prescribed, I even tried plain yogurt (thanks, Mom!). While some of the things I tried gave me enough relief to sleep for a few hours at a time, nothing was permanent. Nothing I tried could stave off those horrible symptoms long enough for me to work or get anything done around the house. I wanted to cure yeast infection symptoms and get rid of the issue itself, but not at the risk of my health. I was putting too much medication into my body, and in a very sensitive area of my body at that. Something had to change.

Then, I got desperate. I decided to search the Internet and see if there might be some miracle cure that I had missed. I thought I had tried it all, and what I wanted was a natural cure for yeast infection. I didn’t want something that would just cure yeast infection symptoms temporarily. Believe me when I tell you that I wanted something that would take care of this issue once and for all.

That is when I found this e book. It was all about my options for natural yeast infection treatment—exactly what I was looking for. I read this e-book from virtual cover to virtual cover, and I’m somewhat of a yeast infection expert now. Really, ask me anything! I can’t believe how much information I was able to garner doing that reading, and it wasn’t the same regurgitated stuff I found all over the internet (a lot of which is baloney, by the way).

What I liked about the book was the author Sarah Summer who is also a Health Researcher and the editor of the Medical publication, apart from being a former yeast infection sufferer, not only talks about a treatment for Yeast Infection, but also how to eliminate the root cause in a natural way without spending big money on drugs.

Click here to see the book that showed me how to cure a yeast infection.

Right now, I am yeast infection free and it has been that way for more than six months. Before, I couldn’t go more than six weeks without symptoms popping up. I recommend this to any woman who thinks she has a recurring problem with yeast infections, or is experiencing her first and wants a natural cure for yeast infection.

There is one thing I want to warn you all about, though. The support for this e-book is not exactly world-class. I had a difficult time with that, but luckily enough I was able to resolve my issue on my own. Other than that, this is the best money I have spent in a long while. I can’t thank these guys enough for giving me back my life!

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